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Celebrity Interview

Jenna Elfman

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When Jenna Elfman became an overnight sensation as the star and driving force of the hit ABC sitcom Dharma and Greg, her audiences were swept up in her zest for life, and charmed by her delightful ability to uplift.

She has since been referred to, in many ways, as having a radiance of personality that is rare indeed.

And with such power as an artist, she has demonstrated remarkable versatility and range, not only as a consummate professional in theatre and dance, but as an actor who carries the rare distinction of “television and film star.”

Jenna starred in Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes: Back in Action; Town & Country opposite Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Carry Shandling and Goldie Hawn; Disney’s Keeping the Faith opposite Ben Stiller and Edward Norton; Ron Howard’s EDtv opposite Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson; and it was in Touchstone’s comedy Krippendorf’s Tribe with Richard Dreyfuss where Jenna made her first starring feature role.

A Scientologist since 1991, Jenna Elfman has been very highly outspoken in her dissemination of Scientology and LRH solutions, having introduced over 300 million to Scientology principles through radio, print and television media.

In a dramatic answer to the Wake-Up Call, eighteen days after 9/11 Jenna opened the doors to her new Scientology
Mission in San Francisco, south of Market Street (SoMa). Her motivation was, as stated to the attendees and press at the grand opening: “I want to help. And Scientology helps. And I intend to make Scientology as accessible to as many people as I can. And that is my goal.”

This month, Jenna speaks with Celebrity Magazine about the How to Confront and Shatter Suppression PTS/SP Course.


I got into Scientology in 1991, by my now-husband Bodhi Elfman.

Growing up as a kid, I always knew I was a spiritual being, and I thought everyone else thought the same thing — only to find out this wasn’t what everybody else believed. That gave me a problem.

I always knew I’d live forever, and I couldn’t find many people that shared my viewpoint. Then I met Bodhi, who was a Scientologist. At the time, he was working where I was doing temp work to make some extra money.

Bodhi had mentioned Dianetics and Scientology to me, then one day a guy came into the office and said he had just given his mom some Dianetics processing and she really got helped. And I went, “All right, what is this Dianetics?”

So I ended up getting the book, and Bodhi told me about a course you can do called the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar, where you read sections of the book and you practice Dianetics auditing. “Yes,” I said. That sounded perfect.

So I came to CC, started the course and it was exactly what I was looking for my whole life. I always knew that humankind was basically good. I also saw people being unhappy. I always understood that there had to be something more – some explanation for humankind’s sorrows. Dianetics explained every question that I had (which only led me to ask many more questions about the soul).

I naturally jumped into the next thing, which was Scientology and you as a spiritual being. And I haven’t been off The Bridge since; I’ve just kept on moving — studying, learning and getting auditing.


Yes. After I did the Dianetics Seminar Course, I did the Success Through Communication Course and many of the Life Improvement Courses – I think I did every single one – but one of which was the Overcoming Ups and Downs in Eife course.

It was eye opening. It answered a lot of questions about what I was bumping into growing up. I was under the impression that everyone was a social personality. And so, most of the time, I was right. But then there were those times where I would bump into definite adversity to my survival. And I never understood because I thought everyone
wanted people to survive better, and tried to survive better themselves. So the course completely explained to me what I was bumping into, which obviously gave me a lot of relief, having an understanding of that phenomena that I experienced growing up.


There are some specific friends who really emphasized that I do the course and that’s when I started.

It was hard for me to confront that people would be antisocial. It has taken the PTS/SP course and the drilling on it, the practical assignments in life, to see it. And, of course, the more I expanded in my career and the more successful I became, the more suppression I bumped into. The more able I became and the more I went up The Bridge, the more I attracted suppression by those that don’t want anyone to do so well – especially in the entertainment industry, which really is home to rabid suppression.

My confront of evil was low. Sometimes you’re afraid to find out. I had backoff on finding out, because I thought, “I can’t confront that.” But it’s the KRC triangle — as soon as you have knowledge, you can be responsible and you can control things in your environment and in others. The solution is right there.


I’m on OT VII now, and I started the PTS/SP course since being on OT VII. That’s the first time I’ve done the course in my 13 years of being a Scientologist. So I had gone Clear, moved up towards OT, and had incredible success in my career, before getting onto the PTS/SP Course.

So by the time I got onto it, I had accumulated a lot of suppression, unbeknownst to me at the time.

My biggest win has been the recognition of the precise terminals who were directly opposed to me doing so well, and now, having the ability to confront and shatter that suppression. And being willing to confront them.

I used to walk away from suppression. I couldn’t confront it, so I never handled it. It’s been a very big liberation this last year, really cleaning house of those people who were very good at convincing me that they were there to help, when they were absolutely not.


Well, what I didn’t fully realize until I did this course is it’s impossible to live without this data. It’s impossible. It’s actually ridiculous to think that you can go through life and truly achieve your goals without this tech. It’s impossible.
That’s why the book on the course is called Science of Survival. It’s completely about humankind. You wonder why people do the things they do? Or you wonder why some people are not as easy to be around as others? It is completely explained in this course.

And it is directly related to Dianetics. It is directly related to how the mind works and it is directly related to survival — it’s exact phenomena of human behavior. So, as an artist and as a storyteller, this course is invaluable to tell the stories so they are aligned to the truth of human behavior. But also, obviously, going through life, how do I apply it? 1 use every single tool.

I’ve actually gone back and I’m doing even more drilling and even more word clearing. To me, nothing else other than complete mastery of this technology and total professionalism in PTS/SP tech is acceptable. I will not attest to this course until I know I am a master at this technology. I am being extremely thorough in my studies. Because I don’t have time as a leader, as an OT and as an artist to be suppressed. I actually don’t have the time to go through the Q&A of being under suppression.

There are many ways to handle suppression. There is very specific tech, but there are many different situations that can arise and there is very simple tech to apply to every situation.

So how I handle it is I just use the tech. How I apply it is I just make sure I have zero misunderstood words on every aspect of this course. Zero. I’m absolutely relentless and unreasonable about grasping it and owning it. I don’t want to have any hesitation in any moment of my life. That way, I can have complete KSW (Keeping Scientology Working) in, and I can forge ahead with a very high speed of particle flow.
Anything that is going to slow that down is unhattedness or PTSness, and I’m just not a fan of either one.


I don’t think that one can call oneself a Scientologist unless they have a firm grasp of what KSW is, what it means and how to apply it across the boards — through all the tech — social betterment tech, Scientology, all of it. Because that is the policy for going free on all dynamics. And that is a stable datum.

When you have that firmly under your belt, then really look at survival across the dynamics with regards suppression. Look at psychiatry. That’s incorrect technology. KSW point Seven, hammering out of existence incorrect technology, applies.

So you have to be able and willing to confront evil if you want to survive. And if you want to wear your hat as a Scientologist, you have to have this tech. It’s amazing how many points on the Code of a Scientologist pertain to mental health.

If you look logically, Dianetics is the modern science of mental health. Science of Survival came right after that, and it’s an expansion on that. So you have to have this under your belt to call yourself a Scientologist. I mean, look at it — just put 2 and 2 together — you have to have this tech if you want to survive. You have to know what it is, how it works, because you’re going right into the teeth of it when you’re trying to survive and expand and help man. You’re going right into the teeth of suppression and PTSness. If you don’t have that tech, if you don’t know it, how can you get the tech applied?

It’s so fundamental to being a Scientologist, this technology. No matter what you do in life, you’re a Scientologist and you have to apply KSW. And if you don’t have this PTS/SP tech under your belt, it makes it ridiculously hard to get the tech applied.

There are many divisions of Scientology tech, but they’re all aligned on very basic principles. And PTS/SP tech is one of those.

Well, if you’re scared to reach, there’s a key reason why that might be. Dissemination is a cinch when you understand what’s going on with humankind, how to disseminate and what any barrier to dissemination there might be.

And when you have that, not only is it a cinch, but you know you must. It’s duty. You have the Scale of Motivation. Duty is at the top. And I have always considered it my duty to clear the planet. I can’t consider it anything but my duty.

If you want to clear the planet and you want to get the tech in, ethics has to be in. And that’s the whole purpose
of the Sea Org, to get ethics in on the planet, and I want to help the Sea Org. PTS/SP tech is ethics tech. It’s a big part of ethics tech.

So you have to get the PTS/SP tech, go Clear, and go up the OT levels. It all goes hand in hand.

And if you don’t have the science of how to survive, and understand the mechanics of suppression, PTSness, cause and effect, then what arc the percentages of you being cause as opposed to you being effect? A huge part of de-PTSing oneself is getting hatted in the tech.

I can’t stress the importance enough. I can’t believe I waited 13 years to do this course. My confront is so high on humanity now. As my confront has come up — because I understand what is in front of me and I know how to handle it — I reach into anything. I know anything I get myself in, I can handle it. This has caused me to help more. I reach more in Criminon, reach more in dissemination. I reach more to the people around me and get them to tour CCHR, tour ABLE, educate themselves on what our group is and get on course. And get KSW in.

My confront has gone way up in the area of living life because no matter where you go, you’re going to hit life. Now I feel like I am really living. I’m getting so much sensation out of life now, because I’m not withholding myself from situations because I’m scared of what might happen. Pear has dropped out of the equation completely. That’s one of the big wins I’ve had recently. Zero fear. It’s gone. I can’t think of one thing that scares me. An SP? Why would that be scary? They’re the biggest cowards that exist.
When you really understand the mechanics of an SP, there’s nothing that can scare you. And once you know the mechanics of PTSness, you can help yourself and help others become cause. And all of your dynamics start flourishing. You can’t help but flourish and prosper when you can confront and shatter suppression.

What started really giving me a problem is that my responsibility went up so high from auditing up the OT Levels. I had this inherent willingness to reach, but I would get stuck because I didn’t have all the tech. Then you feel like you have overts because you’re not doing something when you know you should. That became a huge crime for me. So, I became massively interested in getting as much training as possible.


If you are on Earth and you have become aware of Dianetics and Scientology, you need to do this course. Period.

You want to retain your gains from auditing? You need to do this course. You want to help as an auditor? You need this course. You want to survive as an artist or a leader? You just know you are going to be under attack.

And it’s fantastic. Because now I’m like, “Bring it on. Please. Please just try and attack me.” I welcome it. Now that I’m willing to confront them, they scurry away. I just walk up to someone. They’re ill intended? They scurry, because I’m willing to confront them.

There is no hate or violence involved. It’s just confront and the willingness to take responsibility for what’s in front of me. It has made life become so much more interesting.

This course is vital. It’s like water. You have to drink water to survive. This course is right next to that.


Life has become extremely simple, because there is no mystery. You just see what you see and you know what it is. I don’t ever go, “I don’t get what just happened. Why did he say that?” I don’t ask “Why?” anymore. I know exactly what is happening in any given moment and exactly how to handle it.

And when you have that kind of responsibility, your ARC goes up because you’re willing to communicate. You’re willing to confront. Things that were not real to you are real to you now. And you just become cause. It is a complete understanding of what is happening on the planet right now. It’s the rules of the game. Very simply, this is the game. This is the tech.

And, of course, as you go up the OT levels, you learn a lot more specific details, but the basic, fundamental laws and mechanisms between theta and MEST are completely explained on this course.

If you don’t know it, you’re taking shots in the dark. It’s roulette. I don’t have time for roulette. I don’t actually know anybody, who wants to be productive and survive well, who has time for roulette. You don’t. If we want to clear this planet, we’ve got to know and apply this tech. It’s just a rule. It just is.

I can’t even emphasize it enough. It’s just truth. You can’t go beyond truth, it just is. And really, by not doing this course, people will find themselves taking a lot of time digging themselves out of mysterious holes they’ve unconsciously gotten themselves into because they didn’t catch indicators that are so blaringly obvious in retrospect.

If everyone got this course under their belt, and was very, very attentive to applying their Study Tech — and I mean ruthless when applying their Study Tech — we’d have a cleared planet so much faster. And that’s needed and wanted. And everyone taking their own responsibility to get and keep in KSW.

Suppressives will directly try to undo KSW. That is their sole goal. So if you want to Keep Scientology Working, you need to do the PTS/SP Course.

Either that or you could be dead. You pick.


Pages 12 and 13


[Celebrity Scientologists are in ALL CAPS]


Actress SOFIA MILOS and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca rode on the Way To Happiness float in the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade. The parade was televised nationally on WGN-TV, forwarding the ideals set forth in
L. Ron Hubbard’s booklet, The Way to Happiness.


Actor JASON LEE stars as “Syndrome” in Pixar’s latest animated release, The Incredibles. The film opened #1 and is currently the 5th highest grossing film of the year.


Singer JUSTINE SPRAGUE was asked by the L.A. Mayor’s office for a third year in a row to sing the National Anthem to kick off the 8″‘ Annual KTLA Kids Day L.A., recently held at Exposition Park. Justine is shown displaying the Proclamation presented to Youth For Human Rights International by the Mayor’s office, declaring October 1st as Youth For Human Rights Day.

Youth for Human Rights is an organization sponsored by the Church with the purpose to educate youth in human rights so they become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace.


Bassist JUSTIN MELDAL-JOHNSEN recently completed work on the score of the film Team America: World Police.

Amongst other projects, he is currently in the studio writing music for the next Ima Robot album slated for a release next year, as well as writing material with singer Macy Gray for her next album


Actress TABITHA BROWNSTONE landed a pivotal role in director Tony Scott’s (dir. Top Gun, Man on Fire, Crimson Tide) new feature, Domino. She plays the young Keira Knightley with an all-star cast that includes Christopher Walken, Lucy Liu, Mickey Rourke, Macy Gray and Jacqueline Bisset.



Endurance athlete MICHAEL GABOR survived to finish the Subaru Primal Quest endurance race, which is set to be aired as a CBS special next month. Primal Quest is an expedition length adventure race spanning 5-10 days and covering approximately 400 grueling miles. Co-ed teams of 4 compete in various disciplines while they navigate across demanding terrain.


Actor PATRICK RENNA has a lead role in the Lion’s Gate feature, Dark Ride. The film also stars Jamie-Lynn DiScala (The Sopranos) and Ethan Embry (Sweet Home Alabama). Production of the film is currently taking place.


Actor RYAN MORRISON recently appeared in an episode of the Lifetime Network’s popular dramatic series, Strong Medicine.


Actor MICHAEL FAIRMAN just wrapped the feature film, The Hard Easy, with Nick Lachey, Bruce Dern, Peter Weller, and David Boreanaz.

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